Monster Taming Game



This is a game manual for Terraform that is meant to help players with information they may have missed in (or is not directly provided by) the game.
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Blue Blossom RootFoodWhen cultivated correctly, these originally wild-grown flowers can be a nice snack. Heals 20HP.Market Kiosk on random days
Bottled TeaFoodCold brew version of the stuff they love. Heals 50HP.Tower Guard’s wife during Bottled Tea Quest,
Market Kiosk on random days
Bottled WaterFoodMade of bio-degradable plastic. Heals 40HP.Human ambassador inside Mountain City,
Market Kiosk on random days
CarrotFoodYummy carrots imported from the Human Colonies. Heals 20 HP.Market Kiosk on random days
Carrot BreadFoodMOM's famous carrot bread. Pretty good, actually. Heals 30HPRefrigerator in Player’s House
Cooked FishFoodFresh caught, flame-grilled fish. Heals 50HP.Market Kiosk on random days
CornFoodDid you know corn is a vegetable, a grain and a fruit?? Heals 35 HP.Market Kiosk on random days
Half-Eaten Choco BarFoodA chocolate bar with bites taken out of it...delicious.Little girl in bottom left house in Human Colony 3
Hot WhiteFoodA delicious, vanilla-esque drink. Heals 50HP.First apartment on 2nd floor of Mountain City
PlaintainFoodA type of blue plantain native to this planet. Taste is most similar to lychee on Earth. Heals 40 HP.Market Kiosk on random days
PumiFoodA fruit native to this planet. Looks like an apple, tastes like a peach. Heals 30HP.In a clear patch in the middle of the grass in the first Wilderness, Market Kiosk on random days
Raw FishFoodDelicious, sushi-grade fish. Heals 40HPMarket Kiosk on random days
TomatoFoodA fruit/vegetable originally cultivated on Earth. Heals 20HP.In bottom right tomato plant in Human Colony 3
Veggie SandwichFoodWe don't eat meat anymore, so this is what we got.Farmhouse in Human Colony 3
AntidotePotionAn herb mixture that cures poison.Buried at the bottom left corner of the first Wilderness, Market Kiosk always
TonicPotionA blend of healthy ingredients that heals 60HP.Inventory at the start, buried at top left of Human Colony 3, Market Kiosk always
Wake-Up JuicePotionWe don't eat meat anymore, so this is what we got.Market Kiosk always
Distraction DebbieBattle ItemA doll that is used to distract a foe so you can run away. How brave.Market Kiosk always
Smoke BombBattle ItemOld (but effective) tech that releases smoke upon impact. Decreases accuracy of enemy party.Market Kiosk always
Around the World in 80 DaysBookA famous Earth novel written by Jules Verne in 1873. Raises Speed.Tower Guard after completing Bottled Tea Quest
Graphic NovelBookA graphic novel from Earth you used to read. Raises Happiness.Floor of Player’s Bedroom
The HobbitBookAn Earth novel written by J.R.R Tolkien in 1932. Raises Strength.Market Kiosk on random days
The IliadBookA Greek epic about war written by Homer. Raises Strength.Buried by the river in the first Wilderness
The Lion the Witch and the WardrobeBookAn Earth, fantasy novel written by C.S Lewis in 1950. Raises Happiness.Fish after Water Quest in Mountain City
The Three MusketeersBookAn adventurous Earth novel written by Alexandre Dumas in 1844. Raises Dexterity.Mouse family apartment in Mountain City
Bouncy BallToyAA simple but classic toy everyone enjoys.Woman outside Human Colony 3, Market Kiosk on random days
Building BlocksToyFor those who like the idea of building and using their \"hands\”.Market Kiosk on random days
Chewy RopeToyGreat for sharp-toothed animals that have the urge to bite and chew (Sharp-toothed animals only).Market Kiosk on random days
Floof PlushieToyEven though many are a bit afraid of the Floof, it still makes an adorable plush anyone would love to cuddle.Market Kiosk on random days
Lion PlushieToyA cuddly stuffed animal based on the Lion, wings and all. Unfortunately cannot fly.Market Kiosk on random days
Platypus PlushieToyAn adorable little stuffed animal based on the Platypus. Even its doll seems shy.Market Kiosk on random days
Pulley DonkeyToyA wooden donkey on wheels that gets pulled around on a string. It is surprisingly really fun.Market Kiosk on random days
Squid PlushieToyA small, cutesy plushie based on the squid. Seems to be missing its long tentacles though.Market Kiosk on random days
HammerWeaponA heavy, intense weapon only used by those with enough strength to wield it. Once mastered, becomes a powerful extension.Market Kiosk always
KatanaWeaponA light sword good for beginners.Market Kiosk always
RapierWeaponA small but effective weapon, this sword is produced and specialized by the warriors of the Mouse clan. However, it can be used by anyone with a high enough dexterity and a warriors spirit.Market Kiosk always
TridentWeaponA long, three pronged weapon, used by aquatic clans.Market Kiosk always
Horn HelmArmorA flashy, intimidating looking helmet for those who want to know what it's like to have horns.Market Kiosk always
Iron HelmArmorA standard, protective helmet used by the soldiers of Mountain City.Market Kiosk always


Classes are the classifications of animals in the game in the Predator/Prey system.
The Predator/Prey system is this planet's way of understanding hierarchy in their "Animal Kingdom". Like our planet, certain animals are higher on the food chain than others, and therefore have an advantage over their prey.
For example, Aquatic animals (like our fish) eat bugs, therefore INSECTS are prey to the Aquatic type. This could be better understood by looking at class Advantages and Disadvantages.

Each class has an advantage, disadvantage and something that's best described as ineffective damage or ineffective for short.

For example, according to the chart below, Type Beast has an advantage over Type Aquatic. Therefore, an Aquatic animal's attack will only do 1/2 damage. Also according to the chart, Type Beast has a disadvantage to Type Insect, so if an Insect attacks it will will do x2 damage. This also works in reverse, if a Type were to attack it's disadvantage, it would do 1/2 damage.
For ineffective damage, the attacking type will do only 1/2 damage, but the attacker is not defensively weaker than the target. For example, if an Avian attacks a Beast, it will do 1/2 damage, but if a Beast attacks an Avian it will do normal or neutral damage. With all other types aside from it's advantage, disadvantage and ineffective type, an animal's attacks will do neutral damage which is x1.


All types will do 1/2 damage to three other types: animals of the same type, it's disadvantage and the animal that it is ineffective against.


Happiness is a stat that effects an animals ability to battle. If an animal gets knocked out too many times in battle, it will become depressed and will more likely be unable to fight.
This starts happening when the Happiness reaches below 40, and the chances of the animal being unable to fight for a turn grow the lower it gets. Once it reaches 0, the animal will unable to attack at all until it is raised. If an animals Happiness falls below 40, ways it can be recovered are:


The Persuasion system is how you can convince other animals to join your party. Since all the starters have disadvantages, it is crucial you gather other party members to balance your team.
You can Persuade a target by navigating to "Persuade" in the battle menu.

Things to note:
Once the target has been convinced to join, they stop battling the player and disappear from the field. If the persuaded animal is the only opposing battler (i.e not in a group), the battle ends.