Monster Taming Game


Terraform is a new, retro-style, monster taming RPG inspired by games from the Game Boy Color era.

The game is still in development and this is a playable demo of the first moments of the game. If you like the game and would like to support development of it, visit the Kickstarter! Enjoy the game!

Terraform is a single-player story-based experience played entirely in browser with nothing to download or install, not even a browser plugin! Terraform will run on any computer with an up-to-date browser.

On a distant planet far from Earth, intelligent animals created their own societies, and lived in relative harmony. That is, until a hoard of vicious alien monsters invaded their home. When more aliens, called "humans", came to explore their planet, they realized they may be able to help each other. Only together can they save their world.

Explore a whole new alien planet

Choose your own companion

Customize how they look

Help your new alien friends save their world

How to Play

Terraform plays on keyboard and its controls are super simple, using only the buttons listed above. The game will explain what they mean and when to use them in-game.

Try it out! Playing Terraform is completely free for everyone, just click the button at the top to get started!